Those Vibram Shoe Refunds? I’m Not Claiming One.


Think that these odd finger-shoes are “bullshit”? Think again.

I gather that there is much gleeful stomping on the grave image of Vibram and the weirdo/chic “finger shoes” it has popularized, because the company has settled a suit claiming the shoes offered no health benefits. That’s me and one of my sons, modeling Vibram shoes, in the picture above. I’ll let you figure out the extremities. 

That picture comes from four years ago. I’d been running regularly for many decades before that, but since the early 2000s I’d been vexed by one wear-and-tear problem after another. Never involving the knees, miraculously; most frequently afflicting the Achilles tendons.

Then, as I shifted to the Vibram shoes, I also shifted to what has been (again miraculously) a multi-year stint of injury-free running. True, my change of footwear coincided with some other injury-buffering changes: always taking at least a day off between runs; opting for rubberized tracks rather than hard paved roads; stopping as soon as something started to hurt, rather than “running through” the distress; and generally acting like a senior-status wimp.

All of these amounted to a blow to the pride, perhapsone of many as the years roll on. But, for now, through the Vibram age nothing has gone physically wrong with my running infrastructure. Whether merely coincident with or perhaps helped by these same funny-looking shoes, I scored my memorable success in the “Haynesworth Test” a few years back and kept on going.

So what about this new Vibram debunking? I say: Pshaw. What I reported when I first tried them is what I still think now. If you already run in the way these shoes favor, they’re great! And if not, not.

For instance, a (fair-minded) Washington Post writer noted:

I tried the FiveFingers in 2009 and knew within a quarter mile that they were not for me. Yes, they forced me up onto the balls of my feet, where running coaches want you, because smacking your heels on asphalt roads without any padding to protect them will [make you] do that…. 

Running that way didn’t make sense for the writer. For me, it was the way I’d always runin part because the primitive, unpadded shoes available in the 1960s, when I started, strongly discouraged any runner from landing on the heels. So the shoes wereareright for some people, including me, and wrong for others. It’s a big world.

What the shoes are not, is “bullshit,” which was the churlish judgment of the proudly “data-driven” (and generally admirable) but in this case snarkily hyperbolic Vox, with this headline: 

If they’re wrong for you, then wear something else! For its part, Vibram shouldn’t claim they’re right for everybody. Andsuch are the wonders of our legal systemif people actually bought these shoes for promised health benefits, then perhaps it’s fair for them to get their $ 94-per-pair back. (What does this auger for the Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt? Or for Axe? You mean, thousands of bikinied women are not going to mass around any man who buys a can? Zounds!)

But Vibram shoes are right for some people, and bullshit they are not. I would send a picture of my current pair, here with me in Mississippi, but they are too battered and use-worn, most recently today, to be presentable.

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