7 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Website

7 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Website

I have a question for you; but before I ask this peculiar question . . . Read this stat below. . .

In February 2009, Netcraft, an internet monitoring company tracked web growth since 1995, and it revealed that there were 215,675,903 websites online with content on them in 2009, compared to just 18,000 websites in August in 1995.  This means gone are the days when checking Yellow pages for real estate agents were the norms. Now, with just one click – Someone would be bombarded with dozens of search results concerning a real estate property he or she is looking for.

So my question is – Can your business be found online?
Do you have a website for your real estate business?

If your answer to all these two questions turns out to be “NO” – then below are 7 strong reasons why you should seriously desire to own a website for your real estate business –

1. Because a Website is always open – 24/7/365

That’s the awesome beauty of a website – when you have a website for your real estate business – it becomes stress free on all sides, awareness becomes a second nature.

This goes to show that during the time your real estate business doors are shut (probably during the wee hours of the morning or the late hours of the night), your website will be online – showing your house listings, appearing at different search results of potential clients, redirecting “let’s talk business” kind of mail from your client to your email, and all this will likely be happening during the time your lights are off.

And the two (your real estate business and your business’s website) can work together into making your real estate business a 24hrs business – this will maximally bring customers to your door step literally every day.

2. It’s Cheaper and cost-effective

As a real estate developer, you go about pasting fliers everywhere in town, running expensive ads on newspaper and on local TVs everywhere – when you can do it a lot cheaper online. When you have a website online and you paste your listings on it, it’s always cheaper and the return on investment is always encouraging.

3. You Will Sell More

All businesses are Moving Online – and a recent survey revealed that Internet sales have increased by 400% over the last six years. That’s a whole lot of cash which your prospective customers aren’t spending with you.

When you engage in offline and online real estate business – you’ll gain double, I mean you’d receive profit both ways.  You’ll get customers from your real estate website online; and you’ll also get clients running towards you offline – that’s the correlation involved, you’d sell more than you usually sell on a monthly basis when you didn’t have a website.

4. You’re losing Money and Customers without it

There is something called “competitive advantage” in the business world.  The term simply means – lacking an “important thing” in your business which your competitors have, and when you lack this integral thing – you’d end up losing customers to your competitors because of the unavailability of that “important thing”.

In this case: What’s the “important thing”?

Having a website is the “important thing” here.  Your competitors are likely hanging their real estate website online. This will pitch them higher than you in business (assuming you don’t have website), since they will be getting lots of customers both from their surrounding and on the internet (from their website precisely.) 

In fact, I find it quite strange and discomforting when I try to find something online and I later find that it doesn’t exist. When I persistently keep looking for it and still don’t find it – I just move on to better productive things.  This is the very thing your customers are doing. When they look for your real estate website online and can’t find it – then they head to your competitors’ website that’s online and available.

This alone will integrate a life cycle of losing customers and money to your rivals in real estate if you don’t have a website.

5. To Bypass Competition

This life itself is a struggle – a circle full of humans struggling for the first position, which means, if you don’t come out with something better, someone else will crush you down with a “something better”.

Doing what other competitors are doing and what others haven’t done yet will ensure that you stay abreast with the latest competition from your real estate niche. This means that – You’d need a website in other to stay “competitive” and “relevant” in the market – since this is literally what your competitors are already doing.  And a lot of clients find their products or services mainly on the internet; so when you have a website – you’d be able to grasp clients who find real estate buildings online.

Believe me – your competitors are already using their numerous websites to get client online, and I seriously think you shouldn’t be left out of the competition.

6. It Boosts Your Reputation and Your Credibility

On the internet – credibility is everything. Without sincerity online, businesses cannot transact in the frequently they ought to transact.
When you have a website where you write quality and informative articles on “all things real estate” – potential customers will see you as an expert on the topic.  This will definitely boost your credibility and make the prospective online customers to think that you know the “HOW TOs” of the business and that you’re passionate about the business.

This, I think will surely bring in customers from all over the internet – leading to increase in sells for you without you even lifting a finger.

7. Pinterest  

Why on earth is Pinterest, a social network on the list?

Well, your competitors use Pinterest heavily along side with their website to get clients on a daily basis.

Why should a realtor integrate his real estate website with Pinterest?

According to Mashable – Pinterest as young as it is – sends more traffic, awareness and clients to websites more than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.  This is why the realtors (your rivals in business) are all using the social site to create awareness by snapping fantastic pictures of their listings on their website which they share on Pinterest (where real estate customers flock to).
Below is a typical representation of how unique a realtor’s Pinterest wall would be like-

Looking at this picture above would give you a mental picture of what Pinterest can do for your real estate business. All the pictures above are of buildings which are for sell – wonderfully snapped and pinned to a realtor’s wall so that clients can see and contact them.

How can a realtor make clients find them on Pinterest?

Share high quality pictures

Since Pinterest is all about pictures, it will make sense if the realtor constantly pins the pictures of his blog posts on Pinterest.
It is also good for the realtor to tag the pictures with relevant keywords so that it can be easily found by potential clients. When clients spot the unique house pictures on Pinterest –they might be compelled to contact the realtor.

Repin other people’s pin

This life is all about giving and taking. When a realtor repins his friends’ pictures on his wall; they will also repin the realtor’s own pictures to their own wall. This will ensure that the realtor’s listings get maximum exposure to prospective customers on the wall of his friends.

Tag Keywords Into Your Description

A realtor should always make sure to include keywords within their numerous picture descriptions. Adding keywords to the pictures will make clients to easily locate the realtor.

A part from tagging, the realtor can also use hash tags just like we do on twitter. The hash tags can be anything entirely- #luxury flats, #office building, or #house for sell etc. This will make clients trace the hash tags to your website, which might inevitably result in a sell for you.

Put a “Pin it button” on your website

This is the most important way to get clients flocking around any real estate business – When your website readers pin your blog posts on their Pinterest – it drives traffic and clients from their own wall on Pinterest to your website.

This will increase your sell and website awareness significantly.  But this benefit will only accrue to your business if it has a website – without it, you won’t have anywhere to place the “pin it button”.

Bonus :

OK! Let’s imagine for one minute that your real estate business has a website – I’ll show you below how to grow your real estate website to maximize and get clients online on a daily basis –

8. Ability to Reach Large Audience in No Time

Imagine – approximately more than 3 billion people are on the internet today! That’s a massive waste of customers if you don’t tap into it; According to Wikipedia – as of June 2012, more than 2.4 billion people – that’s over a third of the world’s population, have used the services of the internet.

This simply means that when you have a valid website – you literally have a chance to tap into a wide variety of internet users from all over the continent – which will likely include real estate buyers from all part of the world.

Now, it not only about being online and having a website that matters; when you eventually get to have a website for your real estate business – it will need to get traffic and backlinks so that it might be visible to clients online.
Below are some of the strategies you should use.

Guest blogging

It’s actually a very strategic tactic that website owners use to get free niche-targeted traffic and quality backlink to their website. Well, there is a possibility that you might not know what guest blogging is all about. So –

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is simply the process of you writing for another website as a guest author – in other to get a backlink and traffic back to your website.

This is considered by others as a naughty tactic since you’d literally be writing for another blog or website instead of your own. But in the real sense – the guest post is still your article, since traffic follows your author’s bio on the guest post to your website.  But if you’re still not that totally convinced – below are the benefits of what guest blogging will accrue to your real estate business and to your website.
Without splitting hairs, these are the significant benefits you’d get on the long run.

It Brings Exposure And Makes You a Brand

When you guest post on a typical “website or blog” that averages an everyday traffic of 50,000 consistent readers – you let the word out about your real estate services. This means when your guest post goes live on that particular “website or blog” – 50,000 people will get to read your guest post – Which will result in massive exposure for your business.  And when you consistently continue to guest post on a wide range – people will begin to notice you – even take you as an expert in matters pertaining real estate, and they’ll start directing people to your real estate website (you’d become the “go to” man or woman on any real estate topic), which I think will boost your online exposure drastically.

It garners Niche-Targeted Traffic to your Real Estate Website

I always say that – “where there is traffic, there is a market”. That’s the truth of the matter. When you do guest post on other websites, huge traffic are sent to your website through your author’s bio on the post.

Remember: On the internet, people can’t notice you or call you a “pro” in what you do if you can’t garner a huge traffic to your website daily. People need to ascertain whether you can be trusted; and they can’t know except you let the words out of your genuineness through guest posting; and even if they know – they also won’t trust you until they visit a valid website owned by you.

So traffic is a tangible asset; without it – your real estate website will become obsolete. Guest posting is one of the best strategy to employ if you seriously need traffic – a single guest post on a popular blog or website can send up to 2,000 people to your website in a single day – this is a fact!

Imagine 10 clients coming to your blog in a month – Just from a single guest post that garnered 2,000 people to your website??
Mind boggling, right? When you continue guest posting passionately – traffic will continually come to your website without you lifting a finger.

Your Listing Will Rank Higher on Search Engines

When your real estate website listings aren’t on the first page of any search engine – you may find yourself losing clients on end. This is because your website page rank might probably be “0” at that moment. There are basically 0-10 ranks on the Google search algorithm.
The higher the number, the higher your website is ranked on things search for on Google. It increases from “0” to “10”.

Assuming your real estate website has a ranking of “0” – when clients search on Google for “Redmond estate” (am also assuming you have numerous properties in Redmond), your competitors real estate offering may likely come up on the first and second pages of the clients’ search queries – leaving your page far behind.

This also signifies that – when your listing isn’t trending on the search keywords of “real estate” around your environment – you’d be missing a lot of clients just from that low ranking.

You may ask – how do I increase my website’s page rank to reduce losing online client?

The cheapest way to improve one’s website page rank is by guest posting on other blogs.
When you do it constantly on top blogs – backlinks will increase, thereby causing an increment in traffic and in page rank.

More Clients Become “AWARE” of you

I placed this at the last position because all the bulleted points above all lead to this main point. Since the essence of guest posting in the first place is to get clients to contact and seal a deal with you.  When you continually guest post on numerous blogs and websites, you are exposing yourself to diverse kind of clients you’ve never heard of nor seen.  When this begins to happen, you will be noticed and contacted by clients’ everyday and your online sales will jump drastically.

Like Guest posting, blog commenting is also a valid way to drive traffic and awareness to a real estate website. See these massive lists of
100+ blogs to comment on and grow your real estate website overnight.

In conclusion, I’ve argued everything on the table of “why your real estate business must have a website”, and I think I’ve been able to air my views to you all in the way I know best.

Now . . . over to you

What’s your reason for not wanting a website for your business?
Let’s rub mind together in the comment section of this awesome website.
Don’t forget to share this guest post.

Kingsley Agu is the owner of TheWeirdProBlogger.com; with 3 years writing experience under his belt. Contact him for your freelance writing and guest blogging services.

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