Around the world on $4,000 a day

Around the world on $4,000 a day

The trip takes 40 people on a 737 jet, specially designed with expansive club-style seating and lounges, across Africa. It starts with a gala welcome dinner in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Two Oceans Aquarium, then stops in Namibia for a ride across the desert dunes and dinner under the stars.

It moves to Botswana for a wildlife tour then a trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia, a search for game in Tanzania with Kent himself as a guide, and then a trip to Uganda, where guests can come face to face with mountain gorillas. It finishes with a cocktail reception in Ethiopia and a farewell dinner in Rome.

Kent said the jet tour was so successful he decided to create a second private jet experience called “Around the World with Geoffrey Kent,” where Kent takes 50 guests on a 757 to his favorite corners of the planet. The trip costs $ 105,000 per person per couple or $ 120,000 for single travelers.

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The trip starts with a sail down the Amazon, then goes to Easter Island, where travelers will have an earth-cooked feast in a Rapa Nui family home, then on to Papua New Guinea, Bali, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya and Monaco. The 26-day trip, in the fall of 2014, is already sold out.

“I’ve tried to personalize the trip,” Kent said. “It’s me taking guests to my favorite places and meeting some of my favorite people. It’s not just ‘here’s a place and here’s the itinerary.'”

Another group tapping the jet-tour maket is National Geographic. The nonprofit organization started running private jet tours in 2001, using its vast team of scientists, naturalists, photographers and other experts as tour guides and advisors. It will run two “Around the World by Private Jet” tours this year and four next year. This year’s trips are already sold out despite the price of $ 74,950 per person.

The “Around the World” trip starts in Washington then moves to Lima, Peru, for a tour of the Larco Herrera Museum and study of pre-Columbian ceramics. The group then goes to Machu Picchu, also in Peru, for a tour of Incan architecture, a meeting with master weavers and a temple tour.

Then travelers head to Easter Island for a “fia fia” dance performance, then to the Great Barrier Reef and a tour of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The trip rolls through China, Tibet, Tanzania and the Taj Mahal before finishing in Marrakech, Morocco, and Washington.

National Geographic is also running a private jet tour in honor of its 125th anniversary, called “Celebrating 125 Years of Exploration: An Extraordinary Journey by Private Jet.” The trip, for 77 people, costs $ 70,950 per person and is already sold out for February 2014. It’s also running the trip in October 2014.

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