As Police Seek McAfee, E-Book Bio Is Slated to Appear

As Police Seek McAfee, E-Book Bio Is Slated to Appear

John McAfee

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John McAfee is generating worldwide publicity – just before a new e-book about him is about to be released.

In email message last night, McAfee told CNBC that an e-book about his life and battles in Belize – written by a Wired journalist – is scheduled to be released on Thursday (Nov. 15).

This morning, he sent CNBC a brief excerpt, which detailed abuses of the Belize police and pictures of his current and former girlfriends in Belize.

Belize police say tech tycoon John McAfee is not a suspect in the murder of an American in Belize.

McAfee has been in hiding in Belize after being sought for questioning in the recent murder of McAfee’s neighbor.

While initial reports claimed that McAfee was a “prime suspect,” Raphael Martinez, the press officer of the Belize Police Department and the Ministry of National Security said that McAfee is only a “person of interest” since he lived near the victim.

“We are talking to all of the neighbors of the victim, so that’s the only reason we want to talk to McAfee,” Martinez said.

He said the police have no evidence linking McAfee to the crime and haven’t even recovered the bullets from the victim’s body. “We don’t have any evidence, so there are no suspects,” he said.

While it’s possible that McAfee could become a suspect, the police said that McAfee’s behavior under the circumstances “is hard to understand. We do not know why he is hiding or what’s he afraid of. We just want to ask him if he knows anything about this.”

McAfee has told CNBC that he was not involved in the crime but fears for his safety at the hands of the police. Friends say McAfee feels the police have been trying to coerce him into giving them money and could kill him if he turns himself in.

-By CNBC’s Robert Frank
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