Autumn Statement bingo: Osborne’s likely buzzwords

Autumn Statement bingo: Osborne’s likely buzzwords

“Austerity” is no longer the word of the moment, with the chances of George Osborne mentioning it falling down the list of his most likely catchphrases when the Chancellor gives his Autumn Statement remarks on Thursday.

Instead, “energy prices”, “China” and “immigration” will be Mr Osborne’s buzzwords, according to Ladbrokes, which is taking bets on his speech.

Outside shots include “Magic Money Tree”, “Neoclassical Endogenous Growth Theory”, and “Bullingdon”.

The Chancellor is likely to talk for 45-50 minutes, Ladbrokes says, with odds of 11/5, so there is plenty of time for the following to come up.

Osborne’s Most likely phrases

1/3 Energy Prices
1/2 China
6/4 Immigration
2/1 Hard Working Families
3/1 We’re All In This Together
3/1 Striving To Get On
5/1 Bankers’ Bonuses
5/1 Triple A
5/1 Austerity
6/1 Labour’s Economic Mess
10/1 Keynesian
10/1 Green Shoots
10/1 Bedroom Tax

12/1 British Jobs For British Workers
12/1 Mansion Tax
16/1 No Plan B
20/1 Magic Money Tree
25/1 Twitter
50/1 Omnishambles
50/1 Neoclassical Endogenous Growth Theory
100/1 Bullingdon

Meanwhile, Mr Osborne is likely to reprise the blue tie of this year’s Budget (evens), with purple (3/1) the next favourite. The Chancellor is more likely to wear a bow tie (66/1) than no tie (100/1), and despite David Cameron’s visit to China, is an unlikely 200/1 to sport the Chinese flag.

Mr Osborne sported a blue tie for this year’s Budget, but wore purple last year

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