Britain still the global HQ for entrepreneurs, says Lord Bilimoria

Britain still the global HQ for entrepreneurs, says Lord Bilimoria

“It doesn’t cost the country very much to run,” he added. “170 young people from 40 countries paid their own way to come here, some from as far afield as New Zealand and India. There were 700 applicants overall. That just shows you how much interest there is in coming to Britain and starting a business.”

Current applicants for the scheme range from an ethical chocolate company to a water purification start-up. “There are some truly fantastic ideas here,” said Lord Bilimoria. “And hopefully, once they have developed their business plans, these entrepreneurs will decide to stay here to run their businesses.”

According to Lord Bilimoria, the UK remains one of the best places in the world to be an entrepreneur. “One of our great strengths as a country is that we have one of the most open economies in the world,” he said. “London, even after the crash, is still the financial centre of world. The UK is the global headquarters of entrepreneurship.”

Lord Bilimoria launched Cobra Beer in 1989, brewing his products in India and then importing them to Britain. He admitted being tempted to take the plunge again with a new start-up. “Once entrepreneurship is in your system, you have that fire in your belly and it never goes away,” he said. “I’m always thinking about two or three projects I would like to do.”

“This is our opportunity to send a message to the world that Britain is still great,” he continued. “Whether it’s in design, professional services, beer, aerospace, manufacturing, we’re still at the top table of the world.”

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