City Diary: Wedding bells chime for second time for BP boss Carl-Henric Svanberg

City Diary: Wedding bells chime for second time for BP boss Carl-Henric Svanberg

The union is confirmed in a note to the Stock Exchange yesterday, where one Mrs L Svanberg, or “a connected person of Mr C-H Svanberg”, as she bashfully describes her newly wed status, informs the BP board that she is selling 154,821 of her shares in the oil company for around £750,500.


Wonga joins the mile-high club

It’s not just low earners who turn to to tide them over until payday. Bankers, too, are being forced to take out high-interest, short-term loans.

Exhibit A is “Gilly from London”, one of the 12 “real people” interviewed in Wonga’s new movie designed to improve the controversial lender’s corporate image.

On quitting the City – the bank she worked for is, alas, not named – Gilly took out a £620 loan to retrain as an air hostess. “She … loves her new office in the sky,” gurgles the publicity for Wonga: the Movie, which held its London premiere last night.

But did Gilly also love the equally sky-high repayment rate on that loan – a 34pc hike just 26 days later – Diary wonders?


Where was Co-op’s outgoing chairman, Len Wardle, as the troubled mutual announced that thousands of jobs are for the chop? Showing solidarity from a sunnier clime. “Teflon Len”, as Wardle’s nickname in the City goes, joined yesterday’s conference call to discuss the recapitalisation of the Co-op from Cape Town. Still, vacations seem to be in vogue at the Co-op. External spinner Susanna Voyle, of consultant Tulchan, was also ‘away from her desk’ on the big day.


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