Dashwood: Bebo millionaire to subsidise low-earners at his new members’ club

Dashwood: Bebo millionaire to subsidise low-earners at his new members’ club


Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou was on brand at the awards hosted by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency last week. “How many of you have flown easyJet?” the no-frills airline’s founder asked the audience in Nicosia’s Presidential Palace. One significant hand shot up – Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades. “Looking after the budget,” he said, to Sir Stelios’s approving nods.


Business bodies plan strike action for Tories

The Tory party conference will never be the same again now the business world has bowled into the social scene.

The British Chambers of Commerce and the Institute of Directors are opening this month’s Conservative rally with the first-ever Business Goes Bowling night – a chance for Manchester’s SMEs to pitch their policy requests to MPs in a more “informal” setting. Basically, knocking down pins.

According to an insider, the competing teams will be united by their “common interest in building a positive business community”, which all sounds very nice.

At least a strike here would be seen as a good thing.


Derek Tullett, the squash-loving founder of brokerage Tullett Prebon, might be 79 but he still takes the racket sport seriously.

As the owner of the Antibes Squash Club, he is also a proud father. His sons, Jonathan and Kevin, are both seeded in the top 20 squash players in France.

Racquets is apparently next on the club’s list to introduce in November.



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