Dashwood: Lloyds grandee Sir Victor loses sleep over ‘inconsiderate’ leaf blowers

Dashwood: Lloyds grandee Sir Victor loses sleep over ‘inconsiderate’ leaf blowers


Star fund managers face eviction

An irreverent take on fund managers’ star status from Andrew Monk, the chief of broker VSA Capital.

In homage to his favourite ITV reality show, I’m A Celebrity, Monk has entered ten of his clients into a game of “I’m a Celebrity Fund Manager, Get Me Out of Here!”

Richard Buxton of Schroders was first to be evicted from the ‘jungle’ – “he didn’t give me enough business,” joked Monk – followed by the celebrated Neil Woodford, despite his star billing at Invesco.

At the time of writing, there are five survivors. In no particular order: Andy Brough of Schroders, Chris Rodgers and Philip Hardy of Four Capital, Euan Stirling at Standard Life, and Nikki Martin, of the hedge fund Ivaldi Capital.


A prime London peer

As a proud Scot, Lord Charles Allen, the former ITV and EMI chief, wanted a title that would reflect his roots when he was ennobled in October.

But Lanark, his first choice, after his home town, was invalid due to a technicality. Strathclyde, his back-up option, was also a no-go – the recently departed leader of the Upper House, Lord Strathclyde, had got there first.

Clutching at straws, he arrived at Lord Allen of Kensington. As he explained to Dashwood, it’s the place he has lived the longest. “My family will never forgive me,” he joked.



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