Debbie McGee: how to bag a bargain in St Tropez

Debbie McGee: how to bag a bargain in St Tropez

“I love clothes so if I see something beautiful that I really want then I push the boat out and buy it,” Debbie McGee tells The Telegraph’s Fame & Fortune column.

“I don’t always want to pay fortunes but I do want quality so every other year, I fly easyJet to the south of France where I’ve discovered a shop that sells wonderful French designer labels a lot cheaper than in England.

“I wait for the best deals so it’s cheaper to do that than drive from Berkshire into London. I usually come back with seven or eight outfits to last until my next trip.”

Here she shows Fame & Fortune some of the outfits she’s picked up over years, including a revealing dress which she and husband/magician Paul Daniels have nicknamed ‘The Cow’.

During the interview Debbie McGee also reveals how she fled the Iranian revolution, Argo style:

Debbie McGee will star with Paul Daniels in their ‘First Farewell Tour: From Legend to Leg End’ nationwide from September 6. Visit for more

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