John McAfee: ‘I’m Prepared to Go All the Way’

John McAfee: ‘I’m Prepared to Go All the Way’

John McAfee


John McAfee

Tech millionaire John McAfee – who’s being sought by Belize police for questioning in a murder – said he is prepared to die if he is taken into custody.

McAfee, in an exclusive interview on CNBC, said that he is hiding out near his compound in Belize but had nothing to do with the murder of a fellow American over the weekend.

He said the reason he won’t talk to police is that they might kill him because of his outspoken criticism of the government.

When people are in Belize are put in jail, McAfee said, “They just simply disappear. They choke on their own vomit, or hang themselves, or are beaten to death by fellow prisoners. If you found any research on Belize and the legal and police system you would have discovered this fact yourself.”

Asked how far he would be willing to go with his plan to evade the police, he said, “All the way, sir.” (Read more: McAfee E-Biography Slated to Appear)

Asked if he were prepared to die, McAfee answered, “Well, obviously, that’s what i think will happen if I am detained and that is certainly a possibility.”

McAfee, the former tech millionaire who founded McAfee anti-virus software, lost the bulk of his fortune during the economic crisis and moved to Belize to start a pharmaceutical company and ferry business. (Read more: McAfee’s Unusual Gospel of Wealth)

He said that reports of him manufacturing illegal drugs such as crystal meth in his lab are unfounded.

“I would not have the vaguest idea how to make meth or sell meth, especially in a part of the world where I would have to compete with the Mexican Zeta gangs, and it’s not the type of business i would choose, sir,” he said.

-By CNBC’s Robert Frank
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