Luxury Pet Products

Luxury Pet Products

It may be costly to ship a dog across the country to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which was being staged this week in New York. But the owners clearly don’t mind.

For many, their pets enjoy a status equal to that of their own children, as was the case with hotelier Leona Helmsley, who left $ 12 million to her dog when she died in 2007.

Indeed, when pets are involved, many owners are happy to part with sums of cash they might balk at in other circumstances. As a result, high-end pet product businesses have been established to meet these demands.

What follows is a list of products for the pet who has everything, and the owner who gives it to him. From clothing to furniture and everything in between, these products offer everything that the most pampered pet demands to keep living in the lap of luxury.

Read ahead to see what they are.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 12 Feb. 2013

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