Nirvana: Driving a $2.3 million car

Nirvana: Driving a $2.3 million car

More than half of them own more than one Bugatti, he said, and one customer owns at least 10.

“People get addicted,” he said.

Bugatti’s mission, under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group, has always been to build the best of the best. And with the Vitesse, they’ve certainly packed it with superlatives—fastest, most expensive, among the most exclusive. It can hit 258 mph with the top on and 254 mph with the top off.

But don’t let the speed fool you. Unlike many supercars, the Vitesse is easy to drive around town at everyday speeds.

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The interior is simple, clean and intuitive. The air conditioning, stereo system and on-board cameras are top notch. The ride is smooth, due to a softening of the suspension system. And the accelerator has a gradual feel, as opposed to the lightening touch, rocket-pedal feel of some cars. It gives even an average driver like myself the confidence to take it higher.

It’s a weapons-grade missile and an around-town show-model all in one.

When the Volkswagen chairman set the mission for the Veyron, he asked for a car that could set speed records, do zero to 60 in under three seconds and still “drive it to the opera,” Hill said.

I didn’t go to the opera Thursday morning, but hearing that massive engine fire up as I rocketed down Route 9W was the auto version of an orchestra.

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