‘Penta-Millionaires’ Happier Than Merely Rich: Study

‘Penta-Millionaires’ Happier Than Merely Rich: Study

If you want believe that wealth doesn’t make you happier, there’s plenty of data to back you up.

But mounting research shows that there are some elements of happiness that do increase as wealth increases. Take for example, relationships and work – two fundamental components of life satisfaction and happiness.

A survey from Spectrem Group found that individuals worth $ 5 million or more are far more satisfied with their jobs, relationships and work than those worth $ 100,000 or less.

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The study found that 53 percent of those worth $ 5 million or more were “very satisfied” with their job or previous job. That compares with only 21 percent for those worth $ 100,000 or less.

The multi-millionaires are also twice as satisfied with their social life, presumably since the wealthy have no shortage of friends and invitations.

Nearly three quarters of the penta-millionaires are very satisfied with their marriage or “committed relationship” – far more than the 45 percent reported for the merely affluent. Millionaires are also significantly more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction regarding their relationships with their children (59 percent vs. 52 percent).

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The findings on relationships and kids are perhaps the most surprising, since we tend to think of large wealth leaving behind a trail of broken marriages, alienated offspring and artificial friendships. The survey shows that, in fact, solid family relationships may not only accompany large wealth – they may in fact be one of the causes.

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