President Trump gives…unusual press conference

President Trump gives…unusual press conference

It’s the media’s fault. That’s basically the message that the President of the United States, Donald Trump transmitted on Thursday at a 1 hour and 20-minute long press conference at the White House yesterday. Right on the day that one of the newspapers that until now had been most favorable to Trump, ‘The Wall Street Journal’, put on the front page that the US intelligence services don’t give President Trump all of its information out of fear that it could end up in Russia’s hands. And just 60 hours after National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, had to resign because of his ties to Moscow, Trump blamed all its problems on the media. Go figure.

The president went so far as to declare that if Moscow has placed an electronic spy ship off the US coast not far from New York and has violated the 1987 anti-missile agreement between Moscow and Washington by placing missiles targeting Europe, it’s the media’s fault because it has somehow tarnished relations with Moscow.

“Putin probably assumes that it would be politically impossible for me to reach an agreement with Russia,” Trump said, adding, “If you were Putin right now, you would say,” Hey! We have returned to the old games with the United States, it is impossible for Trump to reach an agreement with us. “Trump did not want to answer the question of whether he will retaliate against what the US press has described as “provocations “from Moscow.

He also did not go into details about whether he would expel immigrants without papers that came to the US as children, and who have been living in the country ever since (see: The Dream Act Legislation).In general, the president did not go into details at all.

“When he repeated that he had won the biggest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan in 1984, the press reminded him that Obama actually had done so 4 years earlier.” The biggest of a Republican, “Trump said. Bush also won for more in 2004. “Well, I do not know, I’ve been given that information,” the president said when reminded of you know….facts.

That was the key to the press conference. If something is not right, it is a lie. If something he says is a lie, it’s other people’s fault. Yesterday’s press conference had been called for Trump to present his new Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta. What could have been an opportunity for the president to resume political initiative after Flynn’s resignation with a political asset that can be very useful to him – Acosta is the first Latino he has nominated to his cabinet, and is a moderate Republican who can help him strengthen ties with party leadership – ended up being a disaster.

Attacks on a “Dishonest and Out of Control” Press During 80 minutes, Trump forgot about Acosta to attack the press (eight times he used the word “hate” to refer to the informational treatment he receives), Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (” I want you to know that I inherited chaos “), and the rest of the world (” All countries take advantage of us. There may be a couple who do not “). The US president listed the achievements – real or fictitious – of his 27 days in office and said that his administration was ” running like a well-tuned machine.”

His vision of his management was summarized at the beginning of the press conference: “I do not think there has been a president who has done so much in such a short period of time as we do.” The fault of everything is of its political rivals. Presidential candidate Trump, who celebrated WikiLeaks leaks and asked Vladimir Putin to ‘hack’ Hillary Clinton’s emails in August, is now threatening the leaks that come both from his own team and from the US state apparatus, ending in the press.

And Trump, therefore, can not carry out his stop with Vladimir Putin because of the press. The president delved into this conspiracy theory again and again. “Russia is false news. Russia is false news planted by the media,” he insisted. And he repeated four times: “Russia is a trap.”

He did not specify, however, what kind of trap. Although he made it clear that he has had no connection with Moscow. “I have nothing to do with Russia.I have not made a phone call to Russia in years. I do not talk to anyone in Russia.And it’s not that I can not, I have no one to talk to [in that country]” “He said. It’s a subtle, but significant, change that reveals a shift in Trump’s position. So far, the US president had flatly rejected that none of his associates had ties to the regime of Vladimir Putin. Since yesterday, that applies only to him.

Still, Trump said Flynn has stepped down for hiding from Vice President Mike Pence the nature of his talks with the Russian ambassador in Washington, Sergey Kilsyak, not for those talks, in which he discussed the sanctions that Barack Obama had just imposed on Russia for its interference in the United States elections. As for how this relates to your money….I’m at a loss. On one hand, markets remain strong as they focus on proposed tax overhaul, deregulation, and repeal of Dodd Frank, but who knows, we could be one tweetstorm from a disaster. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

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