Private Equity’s Penguins on Parade

Private Equity’s Penguins on Parade

Twitter can’t seem to get enough of Mr. Schwarzman’s penguins.

It began when the Blackstone Group posted on Thursday, without much fanfare, a picture of two little flightless birds wandering around the investment giant’s Midtown Manhattan office. As DealBook learned, the two Magellanic penguins were visiting courtesy of SeaWorld, the aquatic theme park company that Blackstone owns.

The two birds were part of an exhibit that SeaWorld was setting up for The New York Times Travel Show, and with a little bit of downtime, their trainers brought the pair over for a visit to their corporate parent. According to a person with direct knowledge of the matter, the penguins — whose species are known to be shy — waddled about with relative authority.

While the penguins were well-behaved during their visit, the person with knowledge of the matter admitted that the unhousebroken visitors left a couple of unexpected mementos on a carpet and a conference table.

Courtesy of Blackstone, here are a few more shots from the birds’ exploits in the big city.


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