Private Money Lenders Have Fueled the Real Estate Recovery

Private Money Lenders Have Fueled the Real Estate Recovery

When banks shut down lending in 2008 cash was certainly king all the way through the end of 2009. The FDIC’s bank task forces were shutting down banks daily, and those who were able to step up with cash were winning in a big way.  But because so much  cash was tied up during that time, private money lenders had to step up to lend on these pools of assets coming from the FDIC. This badly needed liquidity allowed those assets to float down the real estate food chain to smaller real estate investors.  And thus the slow recovery of the U.S.’s toxic real estate market began.

Since the beginning of 2010, banks have been prompted to slowly start to lend again by both TARP and the no cost loans from the Fed. Although even the most qualified borrowers are still being declined at the bank, banks are starting to come back on the lending radar again for many real estate investors seeking loans. But even as banks are slowly lending again, private money and hard money lenders are claiming a larger and larger percentage of the “marketshare” for loans.

In fact, without the willingness and ability of hard money lenders to make loans during 2008 to 2009, the real estate market would certainly not have recovered as quickly as it did. Private money lenders have injected billions of Dollars in private money loans into the economy since 2008. I wonder where our economy as a whole would be today without them? 

Corey Curwick Dutton, MBA. Real Estate Lender for Private Money Utah
Corey Ann Curwick is a private money consultant for Private Money Utah, a real estate lender based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Corey is from Austin, Texas and is an MBA Graduate of the prestigious Thunderbird School of International Management. An authority in the private money lending industry, Corey provides educational resources for investors who use hard money loans in their real estate investing activities. Before she joined Private Money Utah, Corey was the President of an investment education company in Utah called Bray-Conn Investments LLC. In this role, Corey organized classes, which taught investors how to invest in five asset classes.  In her free time, Corey enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking in the beautiful Utah outdoors.

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