Rebranded Debuts

Rebranded Debuts

(NAR) Seeking to make a better connection with consumers online, Web site® (yes, with a lowercase “r”) unveiled new branding this week. The rebranding effort covers — for now, anyway — the corporate logo and the overall design and structure of the Web site.

“We wanted to focus in the near term on the new look and feel,” says Andrew Strickman,®’s vice president of brand and creative. “One of our desires was to clean up the design — make it more open, warmer, and brighter.”

The rebranding is the product of an “exhaustive” research and information-gathering project started by® and its parent company, Move Inc. in the first quarter of 2012. That initiative involved input from internal stakeholders, REALTORS®, and consumers, Strickman explains.

Based on the feedback received, the overall strategy is to engage the both the hearts and minds of visitors.

“People care deeply about the place they live,” Strickman says. “It’s an emotional decision, but also a logical one. We really wanted to understand the role that a site like® plays in the consumer’s mind as they think about and dream about buying a home.”

The site received a very thorough makeover, from new color palettes down to that lowercase “r” in the official site name. Big improvements and small touches alike are intended to make® friendlier and more approachable for consumers, Strickman says.

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