Scratch-cards for sale, but jackpot has already been won

Scratch-cards for sale, but jackpot has already been won

The £2 cards, which promise customers the huge sums despite the fact the top five prizes have already been claimed, are still being sold in shops, supermarkets and petrol stations across the country.

The cards are still available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge, Plymouth and Glasgow, The Sun found.

A Camelot spokesman said that they had “ceased distribution” of the game, but as there are still thousands of prizes available retailers can still sell their stock.

A spokesman for the Advertising Standards Agency said that it would launch an investigation if any complaints were lodged.

Players took to Twitter to voice their anger, claiming the fact that the cards were still on sale showed customers were being “ripped off”.

Lottery bosses provoked anger last month when they announced they were doubling the price of the main draws ticket to £2, an increase that will come into effect this autumn.

The move will see the prizes rising, with the jackpot likely to be worth an average of £5million.

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