Spanish youth look abroad for jobs

Spanish youth look abroad for jobs

“At least it may mean that there are more opportunities in other parts of Europe, my grown up sons can go and try to find work in Germany,” commented Fernando Garcia-Lopez, an architect living in Madrid who supports a wife and two adult sons.

“I don’t expect things to be changing in Spain in the short term at least.”

Retail sales in Spain fell 5.1pc in June, the 36th straight monthly decline and people complain of a hike in the price of food, especially fruit and vegetables.

On an allotment that has been scratched out of an abandoned building plot on the edge of Madrid’s upmarket Salamanca district, youths toil in the fierce sun.

“We don’t have jobs to go to but at least we are doing something and growing vegetables to contribute something to the family table,” said one sweat-soaked young man, who gave his name as Juan.

“Nothing will improve in this country until we get rid of our corrupt politicians,” he said.

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