StreetLinks Launches New Division and Software Suite

StreetLinks Launches New Division and Software Suite

Valuation services and lending technology firm reinvents automated valuation and examination software

Indianapolis – StreetLinks Lender Solutions LLC, announced today the launch of its new Automated Examination and Valuation Division and its innovative suite of Quality Examination (QX) products. 

StreetLinks QX is a comprehensive, multiple component collateral review utility. ValueComp™, the automated valuation component, uses technology to systemically replicate an appraiser’s approach to analyzing comparable selection and property valuation. ValueComp™ results are substantially and consistently more accurate than traditional AVMs.

“It would have been easier, quicker and cheaper to simply become a reseller of AVMs and rules engines, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to put the StreetLinks brand on what we believed to be substandard products. That realization drove us to develop a suite of products that analyze appraisals like nothing else ever created,” said StreetLinks President, Tom Hurst. “We focused on one goal: to provide clear, concise and accurate results, while giving the user action items and directives – not simply more questions.”

StreetLinks’ Quality Examination Rules Engine powers the execution of QX through appraiser-based methodology. The engine analyzes appraisal information, presenting the user with a summary of automated rule “passes” and clear directives for items that require manual examination. In the final analysis, QX mitigates appraisal risk while reducing appraisal underwriting cost and turn-time.

“We have taken this to a level and depth never seen before in this arena,” said Hurst. “Our clients that participated in the build and beta of the product agree that QX delivers a significantly higher level of accuracy and has drastically reduced their collateral review time.”

StreetLinks’ relationship with real estate intelligence provider, Equifax Property Data & Analytics, and their parent company, global information systems leader, Equifax, will power the ValueComp™ component of the QX suite.

“Equifax shares the same drive for innovation that we have at StreetLinks,” said Donna DelMonte, StreetLinks’ SVP of Product Development. “The relationship with Equifax will allow us to collaboratively launch a multitude of solutions over the coming years.”

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