The richest person in every state

The richest person in every state

Published: Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013 | 7:00 AM ET

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Bill Gates speaks during a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York.

Most of us know the richest person in America (Bill Gates at $ 70 billion).

But what about the richest person in your state?

Wealth-X has put together a list of all 50 states with their top wealth holders. Surprisingly nine states don’t have billionaires (and yet somehow they manage to function). It only took $ 300 million to be the richest Wyoming resident, and $ 400 million to be the wealth king of Alaska.

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Granted, many of the super rich don’t really “live” anywhere, since they flit from home to home and state to state. Wealth-X used the business address for each wealth holder to determine residence.

Here’s the list.

The richest person in every state

State Person Net Worth Value after Valuation (US$ Billion)
Alabama Jonathan Nelson 1.5
Alaska Robert Gillam 0.4
Arizona Bruce Halle Sr. 4.4
Arkansas James Walton 37.1
California Lawrence Ellison 46.4
Colorado Charles Ergen 13.7
Connecticut Raymond Dailo 13.4
Delaware Leon Gorman 0.8
Florida Micky Arison 5.9
Georgia Anne Cox Chambers 11.4
Hawaii Jay Shidler 0.7
Idaho Frank Vandersloot 1.2
Illinois Samuel Zell 3.8
Indiana Gayle Cook 4.8
Iowa James Justice II 1.6
Kansas David Koch 41.5
Kentucky Brad M. Kelley 1.9
Louisiana Thomas Benson 1.3
Maine Robert Gore 0.8
Maryland Theodore Lerner 4.1
Massachusetts Abigail Johnson 16.9
Michigan Kenneth Dart 6.6
Minnesota Whitney MacMillan 3.8
Mississippi Jim Barksdale 0.6
Montana Dennis Washington 5.6
Nebraska Warren Buffett 59.8
Nevada Sheldon Adelson 32.3
New Hampshire Richard Cohen 10.0
New Jersey David Tepper 7.9
New Mexico John A Yates 0.8
New York Michael Bloomberg 21.4
North Carolina James Goodnight 7.4
North Dakota Gary Tharaldson 0.9
Ohio Leslie Wexner 5.2
Oklahoma George Kaiser 9.8
Oregon Phillip Knight 14.7
Pennsylvania Hansjorg Wyss 9.2
Rhode Island Marguerite Harbert 1.5
South Carolina Anita Zucker 2.6
South Dakota T. Denny Sanford 1.3
Tennessee Thomas Frist Jr. 3.2
Texas Michael Dell 16.0
Utah Blake Roney 0.6
Vermont Robert Stiller 1.1
Virginia Forrest Mars Jr. 20.1
Washington Bill Gates 70.8
West Virginia Dennis Albaugh 1.6
Wisconsin John Menard Jr 7.3
Wyoming John Martin 0.3

Source: Wealth-X

Wealth-X has put together a list of all 50 states with their top wealth-holders. A look at how the states stack up.

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