The world’s top billionaire bachelors

The world’s top billionaire bachelors

Fashion magnate Giorgio Armani was ranked in second place, with personal net wealth of nearly $ 11 billion. The 79-year-old’s business empire includes a high-fashion clothing line, watches and hotels—including The Armani Hotel at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, in the world’s tallest building.

“Against the backdrop of a proliferation of matchmaking TV shows and online services, meeting the right person is harder than ever. Add to that the compounding difficulty of super wealth and navigating the right soul mate and discerning right intentions becomes even more challenging,” said David S. Friedman, president at Wealth-X.

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Mikhail Prokhorov, 48-year-old Russian industrialist, politician, and owner of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team came in third place, with a net worth of $ 9.3 billion

Meanwhile, Xavier Niel, 46, known as France’s “Internet king” for creating WorldNet—the country’s first Internet service provider—in 1993, claimed fourth place, with an estimated personal fortune of $ 8 billion.

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