This Is Happening: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night

This Is Happening: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night

Do you want to hear something that Matt and I have been up to the last couple weeks, when we aren’t writing stories for this website? Holding a series of auditions with actors, who we asked to read vintage Dealbreaker posts in a dramatic fashion. As much as I would like to say that we did this purely for our own enjoyment– and make no mistake, we enjoyed it tremendously and in fact relished getting into the role of casting director– we actually did this for your benefit. What I’m saying is, on the evening of Wednesday December 12th, we will be holding Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night at a bar somewhere in downtown Manhattan. We can’t reveal too many details at this time but all you need to know is: a professional actor who has made it through our grueling audition process will read selected highlights from the Dealbreaker canon. It’s highly possible that Matt and I will be the only ones laughing but that’s what makes it so exciting. We want to keep this intimate and will be capping the guest list at ~40 so get your tickets here NOW.

Please Note: All information will be kept completely confidential.


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