This Is How Much Facebook Made Per User Last Month: 2 Pennies

This Is How Much Facebook Made Per User Last Month: 2 Pennies

For all its ubiquity and $ 1.59 billion in revenue, the company’s net income was $ 64 million in its last quarter.


Every month, a billion people offer their two cents to Facebook, literally. That’s roughly how much income the company generated per user per month over its last quarter. 

Add it all up and the company made just $ 64 million on revenue of $ 1.59 billion. That means the company is generating about half a buck a month of revenue per user, and just $ 0.02 a month in income. Facebook says that a run-up in R&D hurt their profitability for the quarter. 

Nonetheless, compared with the other tech giants (save Amazon, which has its own profitability problems), Facebook is not much of a money machine. It isn’t even within an order of magnitude of old-school companies like Microsoft or Oracle, let alone Apple.

But hey, it’s young. And detailed data on all of our lives has got to be worth something, right? Right? And the good news is that for the full year 2012, Facebook generated $ 13.58 in revenue per user in its most developed markets, the US and Canada. That’s up more than $ 2 over 2011 and $ 4 over 2010.

Update: Facebook would also probably like me to note that if you don’t follow the GAAP method and use Facebook’s own accounting, they made $ 426 million for the quarter, which is considerably more money than $ 64 million. Then again, there’s a reason they’re called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 

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