Tim Geithner Cannot Catch A Break: Indignities Of The Department Of Motor Vehicles Edition

Tim Geithner Cannot Catch A Break: Indignities Of The Department Of Motor Vehicles Edition

You would think that after busting his ass for four miserable years, getting (figuratively, that we know of) pissed on by his boss, fucked with by Joe Biden, shat on by heads of public companies, and bitched out by John Mack, that things could go his way, just once. That after having surgery to remove a gigantic kidney stone, being forced to watch his vacant Larchmont home sit on the market, having to reduce his asking price for a first and then second time, the stars could once– just once!– align in his favor. You would think all of this, but you would be wrong.

Just hours after the New York Times reported Thursday that he’d turned down President Barack Obama’s offer to succeed Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman, The Journal News spotted a frazzled-looking Geithner at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Yonkers, trying to switch his Maryland driver’s license and vehicle tags back to his New York address. Geithner, who helped steer the White House’s response to the financial crisis, has doubtless faced more stressful circumstances, but his Thursday night trip to the DMV was far from smooth sailing. “We’re having glitches,” said his wife, Carole Geithner, who was waiting patiently on a nearby bench as her husband spoke with the DMV agent. “Even though we brought every document known to man to do it, the bar code on his license was worn out, so that’s a problem,” she said. “And now, I don’t know why — with one of (the cars), they’re having trouble transferring it.”

But at least the Yonkers DMV was staying open until 7:30 p.m. under a pilot program to test extended hours. “I would be freaked if it were a five-o’clock closure,” Carole Geithner said around 6 p.m. Thursday. Her husband wasn’t available to comment.

Whatever you think of TG, whether you appreciate his service to his country or not, you cannot help but feel for someone having to suffer through an evening at the DMV, where he probably had all kinds of documents proving who he was, including, y’know, HIS FACE and maybe a dollar bill with his god damn signature on it, but was told that he couldn’t use both his passport and birth certificate, which counted as the same type of proof.*

Larchmont’s Tim Geithner, former treasury secretary, finds woes at Yonkers DMV [lohud]
*Or that his Dartmouth transcripts were too faded to count for the two point document. Or that his U.S. Supermarket Check Cashing card had expired the week prior, making it ineligible for the one-pointer.



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