Top 5 Apps To Help You Find Your Next Apartment In New York

Top 5 Apps To Help You Find Your Next Apartment In New York

The Big Apple is a dream city for most millennials and maybe just about everyone. Living in New York is often synonymous with living the American Dream but truthfully, finding a place to rent or own is easier said than done. The good thing is that there are a few ways to make the task easier. You could even do it at the palm of your hands’ thanks to a handful of apps and offline platforms.

Naked Apartments

Naked Apartments is one of the top places you can use to find NYC apartments for rent. The platform not only allows you to choose from a wide selection of properties, you can also see broker reviews from others. Its website and iOS and Android Apps are also easy to navigate as you can choose from a selection of filters and listings. This allows you to find a place that truly suits your needs.

Hot Pads

Hot Pads has one of the largest selections of listings possible. Its website, iOS and Android platforms are regularly updated to list an array of properties including for rental apartments and leasing rental development areas. As for housing types, Hot Pads lists down anything from sublets, single-bedroom apartments, and even penthouses if you have the budget. It also has an array of cities to choose from so you can find anything from Brooklyn to Chelsea apartments for rent.

Listings Project

Way back in 2003, the Listings Project launched as an email service that focused on sharing property listing to a group of individuals in a weekly manner. Over a decade later, the Listings Project is still up and running. If you subscribe to the Listings Project, you’ll get an email every Wednesday about the hottest listings in your area. It does have a website now but sadly, it doesn’t have any apps.


Loftey is an online brokerage service that connects consumers with housing in New York City. This service allows consumers to go neighborhood by neighborhood and compare prices and apartment features. This services specializes in properties in the Chelsea neighborhood. Finding Chelsea apartments for rent is a particularly competitive process and Loftey streamlines the consumer process.


For those who are on a really heavy budget, one of the options available for them is RoomZoom. To understand how it works, you basically have to think of Craigslist ads for properties and partner that with popular dating websites. It helps you find potential roommates so you can both hunker down and share rent. What makes RoomZoom very effective is that the platform asks you several questions so you can find a roommate that matches you. You can check out anything from budget, living habits or preferred area.


InsideDigs is an app that helps you find your dream home a lot easier. While using the platform, you will need to provide a lot of personal information so that InsideDigs can give you a place that suits all of your needs. Additionally, you can talk with previous or current users of the apartment to gain even more insight into the property.

Instead of browsing through magazines and newspapers to find a Chelsea apartment or any place for that matter, you should try using these apps and platforms stated above. We can guarantee that it will be of big help to you and your search.

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