Trump accuses Obama of being behind the protests and leaks against him

Trump accuses Obama of being behind the protests and leaks against him

US President Donald Trump said today in an interview that his predecessor, Barack Obama, is behind the leaks and protests against him. In an interview with the morning show Fox & Friends, Trump referred to protests against Republican lawmakers and leaks of information about his government team: “I think President Obama is behind them, his people are definitely behind it.”

Trump said they have “some ideas” about who are filtering information to the press about the new White House and government agencies, and reiterated that Obama et al. still has “people from other governments, from other administrations.”

Trump also confirmed reports that White House spokesman Sean Spicer checked his staff’s phones to confirm that the leaks did not come from his apartment. “Sean is a good human being. I would have done it differently, but I agree with that, “Trump said. He acknowledged that his” messaging isn’t great “and gives it a rating of “C or C +” but that he deserved an “A for his accomplishments thus far. Right.

“When I see stories that Donald Trump has not filled hundreds of posts (from public officials in key agencies), that’s because, in many cases, we do not want to fill those positions,” he said. “I do not think it has been well communicated,” he said, “it may have been my mistake,” Trump said in a statement. “We want the bosses out,” Trump said in reference to the wall he wants to raise along the United States Border with Mexico.

The president, with just over a month in his post, has promised to reduce the number of public officials, although the media and analysts remain surprised by his lack of high-profile personnel in ministries such as the State Department or Defense.

Today, he signed the executive order that will review the Obama Administration’s water law, which he has been considered a “disaster.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review a 2015 standard that gives the federal government authority to limit pollution in the country’s water bodies, a first challenge to the environmental policy of his predecessor, Barack Obama. The executive order of Trump has no immediate legal impact and basically consists of requesting a revision of the rule, but it has symbolic weight because it is the first action of the president against Obama’s measures to protect the environment.

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