Twelve things you should never reveal or say at work

Twelve things you should never reveal or say at work

Although one way to succeed in your career is to make contacts, this doesn’t imply that your life should be an “open book” since there are revelations that are certainly off limits.

A strong professional network can be an immense help in a professional career, but you must recognize that there is a thin line that, when crossed, can bring you many inconveniences. With that being said, here’s a list of things that you should never say at work:

1. “I hate my job”

Complaints are the worst references people can give about themselves and their jobs. If you do, you will surely be labeled as a negative person and you do not like to work as a team. As an aside, here’s a hilarious commercial illustrating this.

2. Pointing out others incompetencies.

There will always be people who are lazy, don’ do their job successfully or do things halfway. But if you don’t have the power to fire  them, then you have nothing to gain by issuing that judgment, for you’ll only be bringing attention to yourself and inviting additional scrutiny on your own performance. Your insensitivity may turn against you.

3. “I earn X money”

Maybe you can tell your close friends or family, but this is a no-no at work. It’s a way of comparing yourself with your colleagues.

And as soon as you announce how much you earn, many will judge your work in relation to your salary. Even once you know how much your teammates win and vice versa, you will most certainly will not see each other in the same way.

4. Your religious and political beliefs
Particularly in today’s political climate, many people can judge you for your beliefs and justify some forms of your acting based on them. It is best to establish a position without going into it or challenging other points of view.

5. What you do on Facebook

Even if you have a successful social life, you don’t need to show it. Even today, companies are more aware of the activities of their employees social media presence than you think. Matter fact, don’t “friend” your current manager(s). It’s hard to censor that sort of thing, so the best thing you can do is avoid having them as contacts.

6. What you do in the bedroom

It’s definitely very private information and nobody cares. And while some may be interested, this can lead to a bad reputation and dislike on the part of more conservative companions. Others might outright be offended.

Having fun outside of work doesn’t interfere with anything work-related (for the most part). Telling everyone what you did, especially in excess, can lead to a bad image being constructed of you at work. These rules certainly arent exhaustive, but they are some of the more serious ones that you’d be surprised get broken consistently by sloppy employees.

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