UBS Whistleblower (Allegedly!) Likes His Drink

UBS Whistleblower (Allegedly!) Likes His Drink

Remember Bradley Birkenfeld? Former UBS employee who scored himself a $ 104 million bonus from the IRS for single-handedly making the government’s case against UBS re: tax cheats, which resulted in the US scoring $ 780 million from the Swiss bank and in turn nearly $ 5 billion when you count the additional Americans who were inspired to “voluntarily disclose offshore accounts”? But not before he was sentenced to 40 months at Schuylkill Federal Correctional Institution, 32 of which he did before getting the rest lobbed off for good behavior? He’s been celebrating for the past year, and recently celebrating a little too much.

A federal whistleblower, who was paid $ 104 million for information about offshore bank accounts, has hired Portsmouth attorney Stephen Jeffco to defend against allegations that he was caught driving while intoxicated at a police checkpoint. Arrested at the checkpoint by Officer Brian Houde, on July 19 at 11:10 p.m., was Bradley Birkenfeld, 48, of 40 Sea Road, Rye. Police said the checkpoint was conducted on Lafayette Road, that 219 drivers were stopped, and that Birkenfeld was the only driver arrested. Before Birkenfeld was released from police custody on $ 750 personal recognizance bail, he reported on a police form that he’s on parole or probation out of Florida and was previously convicted for conspiracy, according to court records. He listed his employment status as retired and that he’s lived in New Hampshire for a year.

Whistleblower busted for DWI charge while on federal parole [SCO]
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