What the rich really want in their homes

What the rich really want in their homes

Ranking second (32 percent) was “fully automated/wired home environment”—everything from high-speed cabling and integrated music systems to computerized lighting and home monitoring systems. By gender, wealthy men were slightly more tech-oriented than women—35 percent versus 29 percent.

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Third up was a pool (favored by 28 percent), followed by outdoor kitchen, suggesting that the life of leisure is moving outdoors. Women favored the outdoor kitchen far more than men, who presumably are happy with just a barbecue.

Having a gym was also important, along with a home theater.

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Wine cellars are getting a little stale. More respondents listed them as “less important” than listed them as a priority. Also ranking low was a guest house, safe room, separate catering kitchen and a tennis court.

The amenity with the lowest priority was staff quarters. That suggests either that today’s wealthy don’t need so much help—or they’re telling the help to find their own quarters.

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