Why are 3D Luxury Real Estate Tours so Popular?

Why are 3D Luxury Real Estate Tours so Popular?

When it comes to luxury real estate, there can be a lot to see – that’s where 3D tours come in handy. There are many luxury realtors right now pushing this technology, especially to the last two generations of buyers that are more comfortable with a keyboard than they are driving all over town trying to find the right home. You’ll be able to explore homes, nearby amenities and get a virtual feel for what you can expect if you choose this house. With real life size avatars you can even see how big the homes actually are.

Great for Pre-Builds

If you’re thinking about buying luxury condos or other homes for sale you’re going to want to think about going on a tour. It can be hard to really visualize all those add on options like hardwood flooring and the like, but that’s where 3D really gives you a clear picture of what you’re actually getting.

What Advantages Does This Offer?

Luxury real estate can be a hard sell as it is, but a 3D tour is going to offer some of the following benefits like:

  • Distance is No Longer a Factor – If a buyer isn’t local and wants to be able to explore what a home has to offer, they may just not be able to do it if they’re not in town. Who wants to commit to a house they haven’t even seen yet?
  • See A Home Before it’s Built – Being able to see luxury homes for sale before they’re built, what the actual floor plan will look like and everything else is going to help you make the best decision. You’ll be able to get a real idea of how things are.
  • See How Your Things Will Look Inside – It can be hard to visualize what your things are going to look like in a house. You may not be able to figure out what kind of house it’s going to be – many luxury realtors will let you take pictures of the furnishings you have now,  and place them in the home so you can figure out if the house is the right one for you.

Knowing What You Can Get Before You Get It

If you want to know what kind of luxury home is right for you, you’re going to want to be able to explore the space. 3d tours are just one of the many ways you can do that, but this is by far one of the more fun ones! It’s like a video game where you can get a great feel for the house without having to waste time and money traveling to look at houses that may just not be right for what you need.

Sometimes the 3D can be a little cheesy and 360* panoramas can just be a better option – depending on what the luxury realtor that you’ve decided to work with offers, you’ll be able to explore homes and get a real feel for the place.

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